The Health Visiting service provides a primary prevention service to individuals, families and groups in the community, by offering support and guidance in all aspects of health and social care. The Health Visitor works with the Primary Health Care Team, attached to a designated GP practice. Staff are responsible for a caseload of under-5's and their families, and have a statutory obligation to visit all families where a new baby had been born. Involvement with adults includes post-natal support, Community Cardiac Support, Bereavement and Mastectomy follow-up care. TheHealth of the Nation targets form a key component and focus for the health education and promotion activities, aiming to help individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. Health Visitors are involved in assessment, education, health promotion, counselling, support and surveillance. Nursery Nurses and Health Visitor Assistants are available to support, through skill mix, the Health Visitor's rôle. Health Visitors are Registered General Nurses who have completed a one-year post-registration course.

How to refer

01473 275330
01473 275375
Write Mrs Hilary Andrews
Locality Manager
Elm Street Clinic

Ipswich IP1 1NB
Who can refer Anyone

Quality Standards

  1. All urgent referrals will be contacted within 24 hours (except weekends).
  2. Non-urgent referrals will be contacted within five working days.
  3. Each child will be visited initially between 10-14 days of age when the Personal Child Health Records are introduced to parents.
  4. Health Visitors will contact all children under five years, or special needs children, within five working days of being notified of joining the GP's practice.
  5. Health Visitors will be available at their base at a specified time each day, or have a facility, whereby messages will be responded to within 24 hours (except weekends).